Some Of Our Current Installations:

Idaho, Department Of Energy Research Center

California, Protection Of Utility Assets Including Power Transmission Lines

Greece, Fire Event Notification Without Radio Transmission Infrastructure

Turkey, Fire-Event Alerts Over Limited Bandwidth GSM Cellular Network


Automated Wildfire Detection That Is More Affordable, Easier To Use, And Is More Accurate

WDS can help you decrease emergency response times from hours to minutes - saving lives, property and equipment with costs far below other fire monitoring methods.
Our advanced digital fire monitoring system provides:

10 Kilometer range (300 sq kilometer coverage) for each camera installation
140 sites operating commercially on three continents
1.5 minute detection time with smoke volume from as little as 1 cubic meter (equivalent to a small campfire)
24/7 monitoring with both day and night smoke-detection capability
Audible alarm at command center with other types of alerts possible (text, telephone, fire alarms)
Precise fire location for fire crews with both visual and map coordinates of fire source
System uses standard off the shelf components (cameras, servers, wireless networking) and is 75% less expensive than previous generations of similar systems
Leasing options available to reduce the need for large funding appropriations and approvals, in-kind grants available for areas agreeing to be training locations

News From Wildland Detection Systems

New Grant Program Provides Up To $35,000 To Fire Fighting Entities

Delacom Detection Systems, LLC (parent company of Wildfire Detection Systems) has created an installation grant program that helps entities tasked with prevention and early detection of wildfires defray the cost of installation of modern automated wildfire monitoring, detection and alert systems [Read More...]

WDS Increases Cameras Per Server To 25

WDS introduces server based system increasing the number of cameras on a single network to 25, at the same time it has added new operating systems that will run it's unique wildland fire detection software. [Read More...]

Combined Wildfire Systems Can Now Monitor Thousands Of Square Miles

For users requiring coverage over extremely large areas, WDS introduces a large scale distributed processing solution. [Read More...]

WDS Asked To Monitor Power Line Related Wildfires

WDS awarded contract by a major Southwestern US power utility to ensure that lightening and other typical causes of power transmission line wildfires are prevented.[Read More...]

US Government Using Automated Wildfire Monitoring On DOE Research Facility

WDS awarded contract providing systems to monitor large areas prone to wildfires from lighting strikes on a major energy development campus (890 sq miles).[Read More...]

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