You Can Automate Your Surveilance Of Facilities, Assets And More, Increasing Security, Lessening The Chance For Unwanted Intrusion

Recognizing Dangerous Patterns, Whether People, Objects, Vehicles And More

DDS intrusion detection software coupled with either CCTV or IR cameras can provide a virtual fence around critical structures. IntDS (Intrusion Detection) Systems from DDS fit the true definition of a complete intrusion detection resource in that it can be used to survey or monitor a physical asset, area or any long-range or large scale facility on a constant 24/7 basis and issue audible and visual alarms if any unauthorized activity is sensed. Various parameters can be set that vary according with the security needs and policies of the organization. In addition to providing a recording or logging capability the system, the system will:

• Issue warnings when vehicles or people cross a predetermined line
• Differentiate between people, animals and vehicles
• Provide a warning when a suspicious object is left behind

Depending on the hardware utilized, the system can detect intrudes from near range out to 20km. It can discern or resolve images or objects that are only a few feet in size, more than enough to discern the difference between authorized and unauthorized access or activity in most cases. The IntDS has the same capabilities as all other DDS detection systems including being able to be integrated into larger-scale monitoring systems that cover larger areas, the ability to monitor many segments (associated with camera sensors) from a single workstation (which lowers staffing costs) and pattern recognition that can be setup for a myriad of situations and can be configured to lessen false or nuisance alarms.