Do You Need A Custom System That Can Detect And Report Fire, Smoke, Vapor, Fumes, Leaks/Flooding Or Physical Intrusion?

We Design Highly Customized Detection Systems Using Our Core Techologies

DDS utilizes its unique, patent pending, core technology components from its specific applications, systems form its cadre of partners and from leading companies to create state of the art solutions for key customers. Two examples are:

Long Distance Intrusion Detection

The system provides early identification and tracking of individuals or vehicles entering restricted space along a 160 km pipeline. The turnkey includes all hardware, software, installation, set up and training. It consists of IR (thermal) independent camera systems placed every 1.25 Km along the pipeline, networked and providing an image stream to a single command and control center. The image stream from each camera is continuously evaluated by advanced DDS intrusion recognition software which will provide an audible and visual alarm if the restricted zone is violated. On alarm, the system provides an image of the event at the command and control center and its latitude and longitude location. Images are real time and allow tracking of the intruder.

The system design provides area coverage and redundancy such that the elimination of one or more sensor modules will not significantly compromise the system performance. In addition, each camera node is self-contained. Its failure or damage will not affect any other camera node.

DDS utilized its unique, patent pending, core technology to generate a "Threat Warning"(TW) rather than "Detection, Recognition, Identification" (DRI) Logic. With DRI logic, commonly used in IR security systems, the intruder will be able progress close enough to the pipeline to generate damage before they are identified. The DDS TW system uses logic that separates an intruder from noise on the system providing security personnel the time and opportunity to confront the individual prior to him reaching a point where damage can be generated without significant false alarms.

Shipboard Hazard Warning

The DDS EMRT™ (Environmental Risk Management Technology) is tailored to meet the needs for shipboard applications to monitor and detect fire, smoke, intrusion and flooding. DDS EMRT™ is the core technology supporting DDS FEVDS (Detection of Fugitive Industrial Vapor Effluent Emissions), WFDS (Point-Source, 'Distance-Detection' of Wildfires), IFDS (Near Range Fire and Smoke Detection) and IntDS (Intrusion Detection) Systems. The application will consist of monitoring digital images (m-jpeg) from 3rd party fixed mount CCTV cameras feeding to one or more servers over the facilities fiber optic network. The software will continuously analyze all video streams simultaneously and provide an event warning and alarm within few seconds after initiation. The software output to a ship Machinery Control System (MCS) is through "Milestone X-Protect" allowing ease of integration with the MCS in order to enable it to observe the view from each CCTV camera and receive all warning and alarm signals from the DDS EMRT™. The application is for a shipboard installation, with intermediate range (inside, large engine rooms and other operating spaces) and is to detect:

• Smoke
• Fire
• Selected Intrusion
• Flooding