We Can Automatically Detect And Report Fire And Smoke In Factory, Warehouse, Offices, Stores Or Other Larger Commercial Facilities

Why Depend On Fault Prone Human Monitoring For Industrial Fires?

The "Industrial Fire Detection System" (IFDS) is a cost effective, high performance system that will detect smoke, fire, intrusion and left behind packages in industrial or commercial buildings and storage areas. IFDS can be integrated with DDS Hazardous Vapor and Wildfire detection systems.

IFDS now makes CCTV cameras more useful with a powerful integration system capable of detecting smoke in the incipient stages of the fire before it is even visible to the naked eye. The system uses a self-contained processing system capable of recognizing small amounts of smoke within the video image and is precise enough to differentiate smoke from steam. It excels in outdoor environments and is not affected by low-lighting, rain or other background noise.

Delacom IFDS curbs weakness of conventional smoke detectors. Conventional point (ion) smoke and fire detectors typically detect the presence of certain particles generated by smoke and fire by ionization or photometry. Conventional sensors only aim to sense particles. An important weakness of point detectors is that they are distance limited and fail in open or large spaces. The strength of using video in fire detection is the ability to serve large and open areas like:

• Ports
• Harbors
• Warehouses
• Depots
• Atriums & High Bay Building
• High Density Residential And Commercial Campuses Or Subdivisions
• Remote Wellheads
• Compressors
• Power Conversion, Storage And Transmission