The Ways We Protect From Fire, Explosions, Tampering, Leaks And Other Threats

"The WFDS can monitor grasslands, but it shines in forest settings by detecting smoke far sooner than flames might reach the crowns of tall trees, finally making them visible to observers."

San Diego State University Research Council In The News Publication


Industrial Fire And Smoke Detection

The "Industrial Fire Detection System" (IFDS) is a cost effective, high performance system that will detect smoke, fire, intrusion and left behind packages in industrial or commercial buildings and storage areas. IFDS can be integrated with DDS Hazardous Vapor and Wildfire detection systems.[Read More...]

Vapor, Fume And Leak Detection

The DDS Vapor Detection System will monitor, detect and issue an alarm on fugitive emissions of explosive, lethal and environmentally sensitive vapors. It utilizes the vapor's electromagnetic wave absorption characteristic in the "light" portion of the spectrum from ultraviolet to and including infrared.[Read More...]

Intrusion Detection

IntDS (Intrusion Detection) Systems from DDS fit the true definition of a complete intrusion detection resource in that it can be used to survey or monitor a physical asset, area or any long-range or large scale facility on a constant 24/7 basis and issue audible and visual alarms if any unauthorized activity is sensed. [Read More...]

Custom Applications

DDS utilizes its unique, patent pending, core technology components from its specific applications, systems form its cadre of partners and from leading companies to create state of the art solutions for key customers that need to detect and report a range of incidents involving vapor, smoke, fire or physical intrusion.[Read More...]