There Are No Second Chances To Detect A Wildfire

Within 90 Seconds, This System Sends An Alert When Smoke Or Flame Is Sensed

Detection range is dependent on camera Resolution, Field of View, and Zoom position. The system detects smoke plumes within a 10 x 10 pixel block. (for a 640 x 480 resolution camera this equals 0.03% of the image). With the assumptions above, the system will detect the smoke from a 1 meter square fire in less than 20 seconds after the smoke is in the view of the camera. Assuming a 20° field of view, a 10 sec dwell time and a 180° scan the system will have a maximum detection delay of 1.5 minutes.

Scanning does not good unless smoke or fire prompts are seen. Even when monitoring 16 or more camera locations, the system can detect traces of smoke as small as one square meter, meaning each scan cycle becomes a near certain report if fire is present.

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