Because It Uses Standard, Readily-Available Components, WDS Delivers The Lowest Cost, Highest Dependability And Most Accuracy

Automated Fire Detection Technology Made Easy And Made Right:

Wildland Detection Systems (WDS) technology is a flexible, robust, and precise method of detecting wildfires at a significant distance and at the initial stages of a wildfire development. The system is a mature technology that has been enhanced through learning from 140 commercially deployed sites and extensive ongoing experimentation. The core technology uses a combination of Sobel operators, support vector machine decision making algorithms and other methods in the detection process.

The system continuously evaluates 20 or more serial frames at a single parked position of a video stream from a visible spectral range camera. The system is trained prior to deployment with the basic characteristics of wildfire smoke. The system scans up to a 360 degree radius stopping at multiple parked positions predetermined by the users. At each parked position, the system looks for motion in the image stream. Once motion is detected, the system subtracts the background from the moving region and evaluates color, edge characteristics and dynamics of the moving region. From the evaluation, the support vector machine algorithms make a determination of wildfire smoke. Key features include:

Feature Benefit
Three Versions Available:
• WFDS-FPM for use with fixed position cameras (16 camera limit)
• WFDS-STD for use with desktop version cpu (16 camera limit)
• WFDS-Server for use with servers running MS Server 2008 (25 camera limit)
• Matches installed cost to application
• Utilizes Commercial Off The Shelf analog or network cameras
• Most existing installed cameras
• Allows 16 to 25 cameras per control station and eliminates processors at the sensor site
• Lowers Installed Cost
• "ZFA" Logic forces false positives to approach zero
• Audible and Visual Alarms • Automatic email and SMS warnings with image transmission
• Automatic phone alarms
• Automatic zoom to alarm location
• Lowers Operating Cost
• Simple to Operate
• System Design • Lightweight Remote Components
• Low Remote Power Requirements
• Installation Flexibility
• "Corridor" Monitoring Capability • Reduced Plume Size Requirement
• Flexible Coverage Design
• Geographic Map location capability
• High multiple zoom cameras reduce the need to dispatch a crew to confirm citizen generated alarm
• Improves Fire Crew Availability
• Lower Operating Cost
• Early Detection under 1.5 min. average (180º)
• (180 º scan)
• Minimal Fire Damage
• Over 140 installations on three continents - 100 % Detection History • Well Proven Technology
• Simplified Remote Access • Multiple Monitoring Locations
• "Camera Vibration" Compensation • Flexible Installation
• Can be integrated with other DDS applications • Increases system utilization