Automated Wild Land Fire Detection Systems Installation Grant Program

Grant Program Provides Up To $30,000 Assistance For Installing Next Generation Wildfire Detection Systems

Delacom Detection Systems, LLC (parent company of Wildfire Detection Systems) has created an installation grant program that helps entities tasked with prevention and early detection of wildfires defray the cost of installation of modern automated wildfire monitoring, detection and alert systems. The grant provides up to $30,000 of assistance primarily aimed at the critical initial installation phases which determine overall feasibility, system scope, required performance, specification, configuration and training. The purpose of the grant is to help entities reduce the amount of non-recurring expenses which are often difficult to fund with other types of grants and assistance since they are often targeted to help direct costs of these advanced systems including hardware, software, construction, network elements, system configuration and computer monitoring stations themselves. This type of aid can also provide an incentive where matching requirements exist which allow in-kind assistance from non-governmental sources such as corporations, foundations, associations and other entities.

Grant Overview

The formal title of the funding opportunity is the Automated Wildfire Detection Assistance To Firefighting Entity Grant Program. The program is available to qualified entities that are seeking to install automated monitoring, detection and alert systems within the funding years 2012 and 2013. The grant is provided for systems using WFDS current technology and cover major portions of the pre-installation phase of the program including the following:

•Establishment of monitoring objectives including response time, alarm and signaling requirements, network requirements and monitoring cell sizes and sensing approaches •Network architecture design and configuration including communication protocols, data routing, fault correction and tolerances, control center data capacity, commuication reliability/redundancies, secondary data feeds (such as GPS, weather conditions), required data transfer rates, intra-system communication

•Software configuration including operating system, application and monitoring platform needs, logging, data backup

•Control center and signaling design including power requirements, data access, intra and extra center alarm and signaling modes (i.e. audible and visual alarms transmitted in various formats such as text or audio over cell phone, land line, internet, radio, etc.)

•Field communication and sensor design and placement including wirless network transmission capability, monitoring tower placement, line-of-sight/obstruction mapping, signal allowance/determination, sensor reactivity/sensitivity, path selection/routing for best data communication, environmental conditions and signaling and long-term/life-time equipment effects, remote power sourcing/power-level and supply management

•Field testing, verification and initial performance establishment in various conditions (day/night/cloud/clear/temperature/humidity/moisture) including pilot fire setting and results, compensation/reconfiguration of individual monitoring stations, alarm and signaling verification and testing

•Project management for placement and installation of sensors, network creation, system configuration and testing

•Training of all operators and responders including basic system operation, software reconfiguration and changes to avoid nuisance signalling, monitoring of multiple sites and systems, confirmation of smoke/fire presence, training materials including manuals, presentations, testing, simulation software (offline) and personal/instructor provision

Deliverables from the above will also include an actual site survey and integrated GPS/satellite topographical map with recommended sensor placements, elevations and locations or needs for any signal boosting/repeating devices. This grant also waives any travel and housing expenses associated with the delivery of the above services.

Grant Requirements

This grant applies to entities that intend to purchase systems that include 5 or more camera sites. The entity involved must complete an application and provide a formal intent to purchase instrument such as a contract, purchase order or initial payment. To apply, please fill out the contact form and ask for a grant application. A member of the WFDS team will contact the entity to continue the application process.