With Over 140 Functioning Sites On Three Continents, You're In Good Company When Using Our Systems

"The WFDS can monitor grasslands, but it shines in forest settings by detecting smoke far sooner than flames might reach the crowns of tall trees, finally making them visible to observers."

San Diego State University Research Council In The News Publication


Wildland Systems Current Installations

Turkey – 100 Plus Sites

Some of the earliest deployments, which were used as a test bed for new features. Sites are a mixture of analog and digital cameras. Network configuration includes regional control centers with all feeding a master control center.

Northern Cyprus – 20 sites

This camera arrays is protecting a wide range of national assets in various geographies and terrains.

Greece- 10 Sites

Customer was unable to place either microwave or wired communications in the area. Neither G3 nor G4 cellular is available. Therefore the system is deployed with a pc located at each camera site and communication to the central control center is by GPRS and is limited to event notification.


US Federal Government Agency has a large wildland fire detection campus that is subject to fires initiated by lightning. Their installation includes a lightning tracking program that allows the system to place "special emphasis" on those locations that have experienced a recent ground lighting strike. WDS increased the number of potential presets in the program to 125 in order to accommodate the number of locations that the system needs to "watch"

California - 30 Sites

A key site is a power utility (which has asked for anonimity) located in a wildfire prone area identified potential high risk areas to watch. They have installed 30 cameras that are fixed (non scanning) and focused on these sites. The feed from the cameras to the WDS software at the central control center is through a fiber optic connection