Wildland Fire Detection Simulation

Thanks For Downloading This Fully Functional System Simulation

This simulation includes all the components of a fully functional automated, long-range wildfire detection system. The software will be downloaded to your computer and then the following instructions can be used to activate it. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.


Click here or on the "Access Funtional Demonstration" button on the left side of the screen to start downloading the software. This is a comprehensive simulation so the file may take between 3 and 7 minutes to download, depending upon your connection speed. A broadband connection is suggested for accessing the file. The download file is stored in a compressed file in the WinZip format. Most windows computers can uncompress this file directly simply by "right clicking" on the file and choosing "extract all" and then following the Windows extraction wizard. It is often wise to create a unique directory into which to extract the simulation file. After the files are extracted, choose the directory in which the files reside and click on the "Setup.exe" file. After this you will be asked whether to repair or remove the simulation software. Please choose the "repair" option and continue. If the software has been successfully installed, you will see the following prompt:


Once the software has been installed, please request a software key. This step is important as this software is of a mission critical nature and needs to be protected appropriately from any type of potential threats. The key will be returned promptly, typically within a few hours. To start this process, please find the newly installed software installed with the rest of your programs in a folder called Delacomb Detection Systems. Under this folder is an option labeled "DDS License" with the small combination lock icon. When clicked, the following screen should appear:


Click on the "Generate Lock Code" button on the above screen and a number will appear in the field next to the label "Lock Code:" as pictured below.

Please copy this code and email it here (to dennis@delacomdetection.com).


The unlock code and operating instructions will be returned to you via email. Please copy the unlock code from return email and enter it into "Unlock Code" field as noted below and click on the "Install Unlock Code" button.



You should then receive the following prompt telling you that your simulation will run for 30 days. (If you need more time, please contact us.) Click the "OK" button and then click the "Done" button on the license manager screen.


Once again listed with your other programs, please find the program folder called "Delacomb Detection Systems," under which will be a selection titled "DDS Demo Software." Click on the this icon, which will open the following screen:


Under the file menu, select "Open." Navigate to the original folder into which you extracted the simulation. Choose the file named "posVideo05.avi." After the file loads, choose the appropriate settings such as "Analyzer" (i.e. smoke) and then use the arrow keys at the bottom to control the movement of the simulation. We strongly suggest you capture and use video of your own fire response excercises in the same way to simulate the effects of a video feed from a functional WFDS monitoring system to see how the algorithm would detect fires from your jurisdiction.

You may wish to also download the manual for this simulation here or click on the button labeled "Download Operations Manual" on the left side of the screen.